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Galt's Speech, as printed in For the New Intellectual, consists of 295 paragraphs, which are outlined below.

¶ 1-15: Introductory remarks by Galt.
¶ 16-19: Mystical versus social morality.
¶ 20-43: Objectivist metaethics.
¶ 44-50: Objectivist metaphysics.
¶ 51-53: Objectivist epistemology.
¶ 54-61: Connection of epistemology to morality.
¶ 62-69: Objectivist normative ethics.
¶ 70-74: Happiness.
¶ 75-85: Trader principle.
¶ 86-102: Critique of the morality of death.
¶ 103-104: Critique of both the mystics of spirit and of muscle.
¶ 105-150: Critique of altruism.
¶ 151-160: Critique of the primacy of consciousness.
¶ 161-171: The injustice resulting from the primacy of consciousness.
¶ 172-175: Axioms.
¶ 176-206: The development of human consciousness and the purpose of modern savagery.
¶ 207-212: Motor and factory meeting.
¶ 213-227: Mind and production.
¶ 228-243: Critique of moral/practical dichotomy.
¶ 228-243: Critique of moral/practical dichotomy.
¶ 244-261: Self-esteem and pride.
¶ 262-271: Objectivist politics.
¶ 272-277: Economics and the pyramid of ability principle.
¶ 278-295: Spread the strike.

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